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In February, global LED bulb prices continued to decline in the us and Europe to promote the filament lamp

Time:2017-07-04 Views:4170
Set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) latest price according to the report, in February 2017, the global LED bulb prices continue to fall, replace 40-watt incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price fell 0.6%, to $6.8. The average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 60 watt incandescent bulbs fell 2.1 percent to $8.2. 
LEDinside Yu Bin analysts said, because the filament lamps and lanterns is the characteristic of high photosynthetic efficiency, under the same luminous flux, low power, price is lower than the market average price, therefore listed in Europe and the low price product in February, the manufacturer actively promote filament type ball bubble lamp, also make the United States and Europe as a whole market price decline significantly. 
The price of raw materials has been raised, and the price of LED packaging in China has increased 
LED packaging in China, due to the tight supply of small power LED chip, some manufacturers began to rise in price after the Spring Festival in China, such as early February wood Tomlinson announced lighting LED encapsulation products price by 15%, and an increase in the price of products from other manufacturers. The price increases were made up of 2,835 LED products, 0.2 watts and 0.5 watts, up 1.2%. There was no significant change in the price of product 3030 and 5630. 
High light and low price, the filament lamp leads Europe and America new product direction 
Replace 40-watt bulb parts, the price of Europe and America region, a 6.1% drop in Germany, the United States fell by 5.0%, the UK fell by 1.2%, the market most of the original product price stabilization, a small number of products in sales fall in price. In addition, the European and American regions have some of the low-price new products listed, such as philips launched four new products in February, all are filament lamps 
OPPLE, a Chinese manufacturer, is also starting to sell its own brand in Europe and the us, with two new products listed in Europe in February, all of which are well below the market average. In the Asian region, Japan has raised prices by 2.9 percent, with some of those products at the end of last year, such as Toshiba‘s 4.9 watt 485 lumen bulb, rising 24 percent to $5.82. The Chinese mainland fell 1.7 percent, most of its prices were stable, and some of the products were significantly reduced by sales, such as the philips 6-watt 500 lumen bulb, which was priced at $29, a drop of 20 percent. Prices in South Korea and Taiwan remained stable. 
Instead of the 60-watt bulb, Germany fell 5.2 percent, the United States fell 3.9 percent, and Britain fell 5 percent, in the U.S. and Europe. In the United States, some products have been significantly reduced under promotion, such as CREE‘s 13.5 watts 800 lumen bulb, and the price of six dresses dropped to $22.97, a drop of 19%. In Britain and Germany, prices fell at a lower price, with low prices for some products and low prices for new products. Japan fell 2.4 percent, while other Asian markets held steady. 
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