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Industry news

In 2017, LED manufacturers accelerate into niche applications

Time:2017-07-04 Views:4397
On December 22, 2016, the 2017 chief adviser to the company, which is hosted by the state consulting group LEDinside, opened the curtain in shenzhen. The analysis will take "the world in 2017 and the development trend of China‘s LED industry" as the theme, TrendForce set consulting Liu Jiong lang chairman delivered his opening speech, LEDinside SIRS analysts and several senior operators Micro - LED, UV LED, automotive lighting, LED price game phenomenon, and other issues of comprehensive interpretation. 
Storage in excess: LED manufacturers accelerate into niche applications in 2017 
In a review of the LED industry‘s development in 2016, the company‘s LEDinside research group, which is based in the state of jibon, pointed out that the global LED market was worth $14.8 billion in 2016, up 3.4 percent annually. Looking ahead to 2017, LED the market remains competitive, companies will accelerate to display small spacing, infrared and ultraviolet LED niche market in order to profit, forecast output value up to $15.4 billion, annual growth of 4%. 
Global LED market output growth is not high in 2016, but the overall industry has changed dramatically. Mr Yu said that with the rise in demand for small, spaced LED displays, the supply of upstream LED chips was tight, leading some LED chips and packaging devices to rise for the first time in the past five years. 
As for the downstream of the LED lighting products, there is a big increase, the main reason is reflecting the rising cost of raw materials, especially the copper, aluminum and other bulk metal raw material appeared in the second half of this year prices, LED lighting manufacturers have to notice to reflect the cost rise in price. However, the price surge has been limited in terms of real profits for manufacturers, so most LED manufacturers are actively thinking about the transition strategy and accelerating to a niche market. 
For niche, store in that small spacing become mohican LED display market, due to the small distance between the LED display screen LED LED of geometric use quantity growth, attracting many Chinese LED assembly house to expand capacity to those of the market pie. In addition, the UVC - LED application market will gradually expand with efficiency, and infrared LED will have great business opportunities in areas such as security and iris recognition and the body sense detection of VR applications. 
Another important thing in 2017 is that Micro LED products will be available. Micro LED has the opportunity to replace the OLED panel‘s secondary display technology and attract many brands to invest and develop resources. Although at this stage Micro LED distance to replace the existing TFT - LCD (liquid crystal) and OLED display is still very far away, and also there are still many new display technology on the market in the competition, but part of the vendor has plans to launch the market positioning is different from the LCD or OLED panel of Micro LED display applications, through the lower PPI or a relatively small number of pixels to speed up the realization of mass production. LEDinside expects to see a trickle of Micro LED products coming out in 2017. 
Liu zhaojun: micro-led display technology development 
In recent years, LED with its superior characteristics such as brightness, high efficiency, long life, etc., gradually attracted more and more eyeballs. At present, leds are not only used in the LCD‘s backlight module, smart lighting, outdoor large screen, but also the microled display is attracting the attention of the world wide display technology companies and research institutes. 
Joint, an assistant professor in the college of engineering at Carnegie Mellon university, zhongshan university Liu Zhaojun believes that as a spontaneous optical devices, micro LED has its unique advantages, such as its low working voltage, high efficiency, high brightness, optical has simple structure, wide scope of work, etc., are considered to be ideal for the next generation of display technique, its application will include large/medium size outdoor/indoor large screen, desktop/laptop computer monitors, mobile devices such as mobile phone/digital camera/portable projector screen, watch/wearable bracelet, and other products. 
Liu Zhaojun said, as one of the earliest micro LED technology research and development team in the world, the team has developed for nearly a decade 7 generation of micro LED technology, from passive location driven micro LED array to the active site micro LED array, the small area of the chip to the module transfer large area of technology, from monochrome to color, from micro uv LED to blue light, green light, red light LED display, and developed the world‘s first go back light micro LED projector, and integrated optical communication function of micro LED display chip is also available. 
Sun jiaxin: UV LED product technology development trend and overall solution 
Profit margins declining in recent years, the LED industry, general lighting accelerated into the plateau, companies began to expand new blue ocean market, UV LED is considered to be "feast" in the second half LED, market and enterprises. 
In order to allow industry to a deeper understanding of the UV LED and static photoelectric, atmospheric optical technical director Dr Sun Guxin to "UV LED products technology development trend and the overall solution" as the theme to share their experiences and insights. 
Sun jiaxin extends from a slightly more mature uva-led market, packaging and chip technology to more difficult UVC - LED marketing, technology and product solutions. For UV LED packaging technology, Sun Guxin, says Dr Aiming at 265 nm and UVC - LED products packaging, suggest using inorganic encapsulation, avoid using organic material life and make up for a lack of chip reliability, and will continue to use the white light of other bands packaging technology. 
The development of technology cannot be separated from the promotion of the market, and the market development of UV LED has been elaborated by Dr Sun jiaxin from two markets, uva-led and UVC - LED. Sun jiaxin believes that uva-leds are mainly used in the three major markets of exposure machines, printers and printers, which are expected to reach 447 million yuan by 2018. 
And uvc-led is mainly used for medical, sterilization/purification and biological monitoring. The majority of the air/water purification module market forecast will increase from $100 million in 2016 to $400 million in 2019, and the CAGR will exceed 50%. 
Finally, it extends to the application product domain, and Dr Sun jiaxin has deeply analyzed the representative product solutions of UVA curing, UVC purification and sterilization. 
Yu bin: LED prices have stopped falling in 2016, driving the chip packaging market to grow slightly 
According to yu bin, senior analyst at the LEDinside consulting unit, China‘s LED lighting exports were basically flat in 2016, and lighting was not enough for the industry. However, the price of 2016 has stopped falling, and the industry has maintained its growth momentum with the promotion of car use and small spacing. 
In the upstream LED chip field, the market volume reached 13.9 billion yuan in 2016, with a year-on-year growth of 9 percent. The production rate of the chip has increased to 76 percent, and the share of the top 10 cities has increased to 77 percent. The market size reached RMB 58.9 billion in 2016, up 6% from the same period last year, and the domestic production rate increased to 67%, and the proportion of the top ten cities increased to 43%. 
Looking ahead to 2017, industry has entered the mature stage, the market growth continued to slow, small spacing and other niche is still the main driver of growth, another emerging areas such as Micro - LED, plant lighting will be closely watched. 
Wang ting: the market for headlights is growing rapidly, and the market of LED market in cars has doubled in five years 
Wang ting, a senior analyst at LEDinside, a unit of the state consulting group, analyzed the LED market. According to wang ting, in terms of output value, the future growth of the car outside the car will be in the future, and the global output value of the LED market will reach us $1.21 billion in 2015, which is expected to grow to us $2.13 billion in 2020. The output value of the LED package of the headlamp module (near and far lamp) is the highest. In terms of LED packaging power, the output value changes, low power will shrink in the next five years, while high power will grow rapidly. 
The output value of LED headlights only accounted for 40 percent of the car‘s external lights in 2015, but with the increase of permeability, 2016 will start to increase significantly, exceeding 50% of the output value of the whole vehicle. In addition, in the Chinese market, the development of electric vehicle demand and the gradual maturity of the products will lead to the improvement of LED output value. 
In the manufacturers and the supply chain, international leading suppliers are gradually reducing the proportion of backlighting and lighting to support the use of vehicles and other niche applications. At present in China‘s front market, LED suppliers are still dominated by international major factories, but Taiwanese manufacturers in China are gaining their footing from the taillights and so on. Chinese manufacturers are trying to get into the market. 
Lianglitian: applying all-band photoelectric innovation to meet the omni-directional intelligent world 
Wafer photoelectric industry marketing center laboratory director Liang Litian to "apply all band photoelectric innovation, face to the world of comprehensive intelligence" as the theme, this paper expounds the special application in visible and invisible light LED two special application in the field of application status and future prospects. 
Among them, in the special application of visible light, he mainly analyzes the application prospect of LED by the three main representative markets of agriculture, plant lighting, fishery application and animal husbandry. In terms of lighting plants, he proposed that "different plants in different growth stages and different purposes and requirements, the light will be adopted by the different, there are a lot of segmentation applications." 
In terms of the special applications of the visible light, he dissected the future prospects of the invisible LED by using UV LED and IR LED for the current medical, sensing, VR, vehicle, smart home and other fields. 
Liang Litian think LED holds an important place in many applications, "we think the LED is the key of optoelectronic components, good hardware collocation good system design, can achieve the effect of 1 + 1 > 2." 
Wang juju: explosion-proof, medical lighting and other niche markets still have the driving force 
Set consulting, Wang Juxian LEDinside analyst, industrial lighting in the lighting industry more and more obvious, the importance of global industrial lighting market size for $2.932 billion in 2016, after a few years with the growth rate of more than 15% growth, by 2020, the size of the market will reach $5.204 billion. 
According to set consulting, LEDinside survey report, the global explosion-proof products is a rapidly growing market, rising demand, according to the application site, 2016 to 2017, except for the 0 area product such as mining area, slow decline, which is used in district 1 (stations, petrochemical and other places of lighting) and 2 (common in industrial lighting lamps and lanterns and explosion-proof lamp, such as sports venues, factory lighting, etc.) are in proportion and scale expands unceasingly, expect year-on-year growth of 22% and 22% in 2017. 
In 2016, the global lighting market for medical surgical lights will reach us $612 million, and the global lighting market for medical surgery will grow to us $787 million by 2020. Currently, the main manufacturing areas for medical lighting are Europe and the United States, with 45 percent of Europe‘s LED medical lighting manufacturing, the largest in the world, followed by the United States, accounting for 25 percent. Asian markets, because of the large population base with increase since, aging population and the increase of chronic diseases, as well as medical treatment level of ascension, will promote its become the fastest growing area of medical lighting market. 
Wang fei: LED structural price increases have not changed the market pattern. Future price movements will depend on the players‘ game 
Set consulting, LEDinside brand director wang from the point of view of supply and demand analysis of the phenomenon of the price of the LED industry in 2016, pointed out that the main factors of 2016 LED industry prices are rising prices of raw materials, the supply side and demand side the rapid growth of the small spacing LED display this niche. 
Because the cause is a cost factor, demand growth benefit of enterprise is not much, so prices benefited range relatively limited, mainly in the display supply chain and have the ability to pass on the cost of downstream production. Most of the middle and downstream manufacturers are suffering from low demand, and the cost of materials has been growing rapidly, affecting profitability. 
In addition, wang also interpret the three Ann and electricity in China over the past year the price of the LED chip market game phenomenon, explore due to the different influence on the performance of the strategy, and suggests that 2017 chip manufacturers take reasonable strategy, maintain industry into the cooperative game model, the last 2016 years don‘t drop the price rise, avoid too quickly back into vicious competition of price war. 
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